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Going through a divorce is never fun...but this light hearted quiz is!
Take a break from the stress, have a harmless laugh and gain some valuable insights and find out where your divorce ranks on the Nuclear To Nice Scale

Hi There...


I'm Kristine, 

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Your Divorce & Co-Parenting Strategist

I have a superpower I hope no one ever needs...and that's helping people divorce amicably!


Maybe it's weird to be a divorce coach that's a hopeless romantic and a huge fan of healthy marriages...but that's what makes me so awesome at my job!


Are you thinking about getting a divorce but aren't sure...


a conversation with me Does NOT have to mean your marriage is over!! Maybe you need a good vent session...if that's the case, I've got you covered! Click here to book your FREE vent session today!

If you know your marriage is over and you're tired of hearing all the worse case scenarios and divorce horror stories from well meaning friends and family, then my 1:1 coaching might be the light at the end of the tunnel you've been looking for!! I'll provide the positive insights and strategies to help balance out all the negativity!



And last...but definitely not least... let's talk about stress...the emotional and financial stress that seems to go hand-in-hand with divorce. Maybe the idea of a divorce coach sounds great...but the idea of having to talk or explain your "divorce story" one more time sounds horrible!! Or having to find the time in your schedule and the money in your bank account to get the benefits of a qualified divorce coach doesn't seem possible. 


I've got you covered! When I was going through my divorce...

  • There was nowhere for me to go to find positive, proven, forward-focused me I looked!

  • And...even if there had been somewhere for me to go, I was so financially stressed and emotionally drained...I'm not sure I would have realized what a difference having a divorce coach would make.


That's why I put my most popular 1:1 coaching package in an online format. It's my way of providing you with all the benefits of a 1:1 Divorce Coach without all the cost! Click the Nuclear To Nice button to get a sneak peak of everything that's included with the online support course!

Why Coaching?

An amicable or healthy Divorce is not something you can simply wish for...It's something you create!!


Why go it alone? When I was going through my divorce there was NO PLACE to go for positive, proven, forward-focused divorce support...I had to learn by trial and a whole lot of error!

I am here to help you reach your Divorce Goals quicker, easier, and cheaper than I did! You get my 7 years of personal divorce experience plus my 5 years of coaching experience to help you navigate through the emotional minefield that is divorce.  

"Before finding this course I had attended 8 therapy session with no clear outcome of what to do next. That was definitely not the case here. This course left me feeling empowered with a lot of practical advice, strategies and more importantly action steps. From the very beginning of the course I felt understood and greatly appreciated Kristine’s openness and sincerity."

- Erica (Alberta, Canada)

Experience You Can Trust.

It Can Be Difficult.. If not impossible to clearly see all your options from where you sit right now.  Understandably, emotions may be running high and it's easy to come from a place of anger, frustration and disappointment - maybe even a combination of them all and then some.

Moving Forward

I'm here to show you through experience and proof that it really will get better...

and to share my Nuclear To Nice strategies...

so your divorce will NOT define you or your future!


If you're at the very beginning of your divorce, if you're halfway through and have hit a wall or your divorce is final and you're having trouble adjusting to your new role as a co-parent.

I'm here to meet you where you are and get you where you want to be!

Strategic Coaching

I'm here to coach you through the hard times, celebrate your wins and help you create a divorce and co-parenting partnership that your children will thank you for...

or maybe one that they will be annoyed with,

in the best way possible!

Reach Your Goals


Click below to review 1:1 Coaching Packages as well as my new online course!


"Kristine played an instrumental roll in helping my ex-husband and I work out our co-parenting arrangement. She was able to see both sides and really put our kids first. It’s been two years and we’re still using the plan she helped us come up with.


I would highly recommend working with Kristine, her positive outlook on life is uplifting and motivating all at the same time."

Beth, San Marcos

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