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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my soon to be ex need to have access to the coaching & materials?

NO! This is about giving You insight and strategies you can use to keep your divorce focused on a positive outcome...whether your ex is on board or not.

What if I have a lawyer?

If you have retained a lawyer or are planning to do so...the tools and strategies you learn here will help you focus and manage your emotions allowing you to make the most of your time with them...which in turn...should reduce your billable hours (at least a bit)

My Divorce is already final, will this still help?

Yes! Absolutely!! It’s never too late to improve upon your divorce or your co-parenting partnership!

Do you work with both men and women?

Yes! I am Pro-People! I cannot stress that enough! If you are looking for support, proven strategies, and advice to achieve your divorce goals...I'm here to help!

Do you have to be going through a divorce to benefit from your coaching?

NO! A lot of the strategies and advice you will receive can be applied to any relationship that is under stress…for example the stress of having been quarantined together for weeks on end…or the financial stress of losing a job or having your hours drastically reduced. So even if divorce is only in the back of your mind or something you think about from time to time you will benefit from coaching.

What is an amicable divorce?

An amicable divorce is different for everyone! Every marriage is deeply personal and the same is true for your divorce. However, the strategies you can use to achieve your divorce goals are universal!

What if my ex and I are not on the same page?

That’s ok! It just takes one person to take the first step. You’ve got this...and I'm here to help! 

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